The evolution of the Internet, after bringing companies and people into the network and allowing their interaction, gets to put on the net objects and tools of our daily life: thanks to smart grids these are put in a position to communicate with each other by providing data and information about your activities, aggregating them to data from other objects.
IOT is therefore the English acronym that stands for Internet of things, internet of things.

What can be the consequence of the IOT on our daily life?
The implications of the development of the IOT in the life of each of us will certainly be many: just think how much have changed our lives mobile phones and reflect on what it means to enter the network of various objects that we use every day. We could automate repetitive tasks to save time, organize the environments in which we live and work even in our absence …

IOT in our homes: smart homes
Ovens that cook food automatically, connecting to the network to download the right recipes, refrigerators that send us the shopping list, smart TV can offer us personalized entertainment, thermostats that can adapt the environmental conditions of our living spaces: IOT is a revolution already in place, with 25 billion objects connected online by 2020, according to an Accenture research.

The services of Mazzotti Domotica
Naturally, the great challenge is the correct management of the enormous amount of data that will be available on the net: the information must be easily traceable, accessible in complete safety, easily interpretable. And yet every object must be able to interact with its operating environment, thanks to correct installation procedures and the use of the most suitable communication protocols. All this is possible if you rely on home automation professionals




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