The scenario in a domotic system is a particular configuration of different systems and automatisms, which contribute to create the environment desired by the user: to do this it may be necessary to switch on, off or adjust the power of certain lights, configure the audio systems and video, thermoregulation and so on.

Some examples of reproducible scenarios
For example, the “Tv” scenario can determine the descent of a screen or the appearance of a TV, the switching on of the audio system in home theater mode, the descent of blinds or the closing of curtains to limit interference from external lights.
In the same way the absent scenario can determine the lowering of the shutters, the switching off of the lights, the activation of the anti-intrusion systems and video surveillance.
Thanks to a scenario, you will not have to set up each system individually, but you will get the desired configuration in just one click.

Management of scenarios in the business environment
Naturally, scenarios can also be used outside a domestic environment: in an office or in an exhibition or commercial space, it is possible to recreate certain environmental conditions that are useful for welcoming those who use them in the best possible way.

Workplace scenarios
The work spaces can be managed perfectly thanks to the scenarios: it is possible to configure the environments so that, in the presence of those who use them, certain conditions are realized, such as the temperature set at pre-set levels, together with the ambient lights, possible protection from external light sources. In the absence of presence, the temperature can be decreased, the light sources turned off, any audio and video systems placed on standby

Scenarios in commercial or exhibition spaces
The scenarios help create environments and architectural spaces that welcome visitors and present products or objects on display: they can vary the intensity and temperature of the light sources, any musical or video reproductions may be postponed, depending on the effect we want create in every area.



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